RPG and language learning

What is a Role Playing Game (RPG)?

Tell Me is the first language school that created a learning system based on Role-Playing Games. Role-Play has been part of ELT for years, but the scenes are random unfocused and rare in a traditional class. Role-Playing in a RPG focused class is more efficient because the students are genuinely interested in the story and wish to see it progress. The narration involves emotions, motivates to speak, improves vocabulary and grammar.

Our RPG courses:

RPE (Role-Playing English)

RPE courses combine the best elements of a RPG session and a traditional language course. Each lesson is carefully planned to inspire the use of a particular group of structures and vocabulary. The lessons follow the pattern of a Role-Playing Game, but the students are slightly more controlled than in the RPG in English course. 

RPG in English course

RPG in English is a wholly communicative speaking focused course. Our teacher play RPG with our students using English language materials. Tell Me Storytellers are experienced Game Masters and Teachers carefully crafting the game to the student’s needs. The game we mostly use is called: “Dungeons and Dragons” . 


Language level

RPE and RPG in English courses are available to any students of A2- (pre-intermediate) level or higher. A level test is required. During the test the students language proficiency as much as communicativeness and team work skills are assessed. 

Course profiles

Both RPE and RPG courses are held for:

  • teensadults 
  • (from 18 to 100!)
  • professionals in companies
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